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Thursday, December 23, 2004

A numb heart

What do you when numb is almost normal? when you hate yourself for feeling nothin? I'll tell you what you, you hide in the dark behind your mask. Hiding is such a painful task when no one but you understands what is happening and all you feel is fear. We taste tears in each others eyes as they snake down the side of each cheek. We try to refind the light every week. In our hearts we scream and shreek,hoping thers's a way out of this mask. Out of the distant past you remember all you have to do is ask with a repentant and contrite heart. What a joyous day, the dawn of the Son coming to be your light forever. So stay in the radiant brightness of His heart and avoid the pits of delusional lies. You finally see His tear filled eyes as He embraces you in sweet love forever more.


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